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Rh Negative Blood - Ascension Glossary.

このRhマイナスですが,猿から進化したとされるホモ・サピエンスが持っているはずの特徴を持っていないことから,聖書に現れる巨人ネフィリムの子孫ではないかとする「アヤシイ話」があるんだとか。. Remember: Rh negative blood is a recessive trait. We are interested in “what is under the hood” so to speak and one example is when I see rh negative people from countries such as Indonesia who have black hair, but a reddish.

RH Negative blood sourced from the Stars, as such they may be called Starseed people. 2. Because there are less karmic energetic imprints in the blood, higher spiritual –energetic bodies of the RH negative person have a. 2019/09/13 · Rh Negative Characteristics About 15 percent of the world’s population has the Rh-negative distinction, with the D-antigen absent in their veins. But this percentage of the population is not spread evenly across all areas of. The Mystery of Rh-Negative Blood—Genetic Origin Unknown BLOOD GROUPS – General Overview Posted by Nella Adriana Čorak-Šebetić Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood. Which merely indicates that their red. If you are a positive blood type it is possible if you are psychic, medium, empath, or healer that you carry the recessive RH Negative factor in your blood type but it is dormant. It is in my belief that this negative gene is what gives. 血液型のお話しでしたね、(つづきです) 調べてみますとというサイトがありました。 このサイトによりますと、 世界でたった15%のRhネガティブ(マイナス)の血液型の人に 著名人が多すぎる ということです。.

2010/04/11 · The Rh Neg Blood Type - Nephilim bloodline Join the Unexplained Mysteries community today! It's free and setting up an account only takes a moment. - Sign In or Create Account - Sign in to follow this The Rh Neg Blood Type. Ancient Bloodline Hitler talked about A Rh positive blood being of the superior race, and wanted to wipe out anyone who carried the Rh negative genes, the Jews have a high percentage of Rh negative blood. He felt inferior to Rh.

2016/08/04 · Blood types are broken into two groups. The first is a letter, A, B, AB and O. The second is the RH, or Rhesus Factor, which is positive or negative. So, for example, the most common blood type in the world is O Positive. RH- people are characterized by higher IQs, sensitive vision, lower body temperatures, sensitivity to heat and sunlight, psychic power, ability to stop watches and electrical appliances and having extra vertebrae. This film explores.

The Mystery of Rh-Negative Blood—Genetic Origin Unknown.

The purpose of the Rh-Negative Network is to give those of us who are Rh-Negative a place to seek out credible answers. Our goal is to learn, exchange information, experiences & as a group fetter out what is fact from what is fiction. They target people who are their Rh Negative hybrids primarily and I think that both aspects of our government the “Good Guys” and the “Bad Guys” are trying to keep a lid on it for a number of reasons. I do not want to be a target.

レジストリは、緊急事態の場合に献血するために、私たちの地域のRhネガティブな人を呼ぶことを可能にします。 Rhの陰性の人々がこの血液を必要とする唯一の人であるとき、何が恒常的な血液不足を引き起こしていますか?他のすべての. “Rh-negative” and “Rh-positive” refer to whether your blood has Rh factor. Rh factor is passed from parents to children through the genes. The Rh factor is a protein on the covering of the red blood cells. If there’s no Rh factor protein. Rh-negative meme going around Facebook The Rh blood groups have 49 antigens, but only D, C, E, c, and e are the most significant. The terms Rh positive and Rh negative refer only to the D antigen. A negative expression of the.

Most people who have the Rh blood type are Rh-positive. There are also instances, however, where people are Rh-Negative. Health problems may occur for the unborn child of a mother with Rh-Negative blood when the baby is Rh. The Reason Why Rhesus Negative People Are Being Tracked I 've seen a lot of different posts on different online forums asking questions such as "Why would the Illuminati CIA be studying Rh negative blood?" and "Why would. Aside from the blood groups A, B, AB and O, there is also a blood antigen of which many people may not be aware. The Rhesus antigen, or Rh for short, is named for the monkey that was used in the past in blood tests to determine.

2018/02/21 · You may have heard of the theories that those with Rh-negative blood actually have a kind of alien DNA. These theories exist because it is very difficult to explain why around 15% of the population have this type of blood. However, with time the Atlantis’ spiritual culture degraded, and as a result the power in the country was taken over by aggressive people, who preferred black magic and domination over others rather than the principle of the true. Resus positive Mutter hat keine großen Probleme ein rh negativ Kind auf die Welt zu bringen und kann es nicht so einfach abstoßen. So läuft das. In der Medizin ist diese Richtlinie bekannt. Das wenn eine rh. Eighty-five percent of the world’s population is RH positive. The remaining 15 percent, which are RH negative, are concentrated in Europe. This set of people generally has higher intelligent quotients and are predominantly Caucasians. Rhesus Negative and DNA Correlations: The Ancient Red Haired Race; Rhesus Negative, CCR5.: Red hair is a rare trait found in only 1-2% of the human. I 've seen a lot of different posts on different online forums asking.

Rh negative does not indicate the presence of anything special or alien, it is the absence of Rh D antigen which is pretty common in humans otherwise. Rh D is just another normal antigen and there are lot many antigens similar to. 大統領や王室に、RHマイナス(ネガティブ)の血液を持つ人が多いのです。 英チャールズ王子は、最近、テレビに出演中に自分はドラキュラ伯爵の子孫であることを明かしました。つまり、現在の英王室の先祖はドイツに移住した. Note: If Rh negatives breed only with each other, there are no problems at all.[12] The scenario so far then is this. Around 600,000 years ago, in southern Europe, a species of man separated off from the ancestral line, and we call.

We know that the Rh-negative blood type is the rarest blood type in the world. However, in small pockets, such as the Basque Country in Spain, it is extremely common. In this area, over 30% of the population have Rh-negative blood. Disclaimer: This is not a scientific statement on my part, but an experiment indicating how rh negative people see themselves and the world around us. If you are rh negative, please comment below the post stating how many of those.

Is it possible that, as some researchers suggest, Rhesus Negative is connected to the Ancient Bloodline of the Nephilim? Controversial as it may sound to you, there are numerous researchers who firmly believe the Rhesus Negative. 2019/09/14 · Update: If you are rhesus negative and think you are able to recognize other rhesus negative people, please continue here: Can rh negative people recognize each other? Part II If you are new to this blog, you may say “There is no way. If your blood cells have this protein, you are Rh positive. An estimated 15% of Caucasians are Rh negative, while 5 to 10% of African Americans don’t have the protein on the red blood cells. Also, 1 to 2% of Asians are negative for.

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