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The Book of Eli 2010 R. and the action packed The Book of Eli which is appealing for the mass audience. 30 years after a massive war which blow a hole in the sky, possibly a nuclear war, Eli Denzel Washington is a lone traveller heading to the West Coast of America. He is a skilled martial artist, armed with guns, a long knife and a bow. The Book of Eli opens with Denzel Washington's Eli murdering a cat, but by the end it's the film that has really screwed the pooch. Apr 18, 2010.

Six months ago or so, Collider enjoyed the rare opportunity to visit the set of The Book of Eli, Allen and Albert Hughes’ postapocalyptic thriller about a laconic hero Denzel Washington who. Eli and Solara sleep by an old nuclear plant cooling tower. Eli reads the book and Solara asks Eli to read it to him. He recites a bit of it and then puts the book away. She asks him to teach her how to read it but Eli doesn't respond. When she thinks he's asleep she goes to take a look at the book in his bag. Eli Denzel Washington carries a weathered Heckler & Koch HK45 pistol an LEM variant as noted by the bobbed hammer and lack of external safety as his sidearm throughout the film. In true movie fashion, Eli fires about twice as many rounds as the pistol can hold before reloading. Trivia: Even.

I'm at a loss for words, so let me say these right away: "The Book of Eli" is very watchable. You won't be sorry you went. It grips your attention, and then at the end throws in several WTF! moments, which are a bonus. They make everything in the entire movie impossible and incomprehensible -- but, hey, WTF. Sep 17, 2010 · "The Book of Eli", a 2010 film, was made from a script by Gary Whitta. To date, the script has not been released in novel form for the public market in hard cover or paper back.

Mar 03, 2017 · I thought he was blind when I saw the movie. According to IMDB FAQ, yes he was possibly partially blind: > “Was Eli blind? In the Bible, the high priest Eli was blind, and some might say that there are several scenes which may indicate that in the. Redridge fired one shot at Eli with his pistol and by the sounds of it, completely missed. The second shot, he took his time, gripped his pistol properly, aimed, fired and if you notice he hit Eli in his backpack. At this point Eli turned around and a shoot-out with Carnegie's men ensued. In the Movie "The Book of Eli" we discover at the end that the Bible Eli has been carrying the entire movie is written in Braille.Does this imply that he is blind and has been living completely "by faith" his entire life or is the punchline of the movie that he is the simply the. Jan 31, 2010 · Denzel Washington's character Eli is blind in the movie Book of Eli. His bible is written in Braille, which is that dot-and-dash language books and signs meant for blind persons are written in. At the very end, when the camera zooms in on Eli as he sits at the table on the ship, you can clearly see his eyes are covered by a white film, a. Actor Denzel Washington wears Oakley Inmate sunglasses in the movie The Book of Eli, where he is a lone hero in an apocalyptic world, protecting a sacred book. The Oakley Inmate was introduced in 2008, and as most Oakley's consists of only the most high-tech materials and lenses, which creates one of the most lightweight, clear and protective pair of specs you can get.

Book of Eli, The Rpkg/BD. Denzel Washington is Eli, who keeps his blade sharp and his survival instincts sharper as his quest thrusts him into a savage wastelandand into explosive conflict with a resourceful warlord Gary Oldman set on possessing the book. “We walk by faith, not by sight,” quotes Eli. The Book of Eli 2010 Thirty years after war turned the world into a wasteland, a lone warrior named Eli Denzel Washington marches across the ruined landscape, carrying hope for humanity's.

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